Home Faith 2020, a Year Of Double Blessings, But Mighty Men Will Fall, General Overseer of Mountain of Mercy Predicts

2020, a Year Of Double Blessings, But Mighty Men Will Fall, General Overseer of Mountain of Mercy Predicts

2020, a Year Of Double Blessings, But Mighty Men Will Fall, General Overseer of Mountain of Mercy Predicts

The General Overseer of Mountain of Mercy, (Ori Oke Alaseyori), Ibadan, Oyo state, Prophet Moses Muyideen Kasali, has predicted that mighty men will fall in the year 2020.

The blind cleric disclosed this on Sunday while addressing journalists during the Christmas children party organised by the church that in the coming year, Nigerians would witness prosperity by regaining lost grounds.

The prophet said he has never for once arranged any miracle saying it’s only God that can heal.

The blind prophet in his prophetic prediction said, “What God revealed to me about 2020 is that it is a year of double blessings for those who are on the Lord’s side, but in that year, mighty men will fall in areas of academics, business and in the service of God.

“The year, 2020 is the harvest time for those who served God genuinely, who thought God had forgotten them. A lot of people will get their cars and houses while the barren will conceive. There will be rampant cases of political assassination. We need to pray for Nigeria fervently so that there won’t be worse insecurity than Boko Haram”.

“If God did a miracle when I pray, fine and if not, how can I help Him? I’m not a miracle worker, Jesus is a miracle worker, if He wants to perform a miracle let Him perform a miracle but if He does not, that is not my own fault.

“I’m a blind Pastor, He has the power to open my eyes but He did not and if any blind man come to me for prayer and I lay my hand and his eyes refuse to open, that doesn’t mean I’m not a prophet of God. As a pastor, if you arrange miracles so that your congregation can believe that the lame can walk at revival ground or in your church, who do you deceive?

“You are deceiving yourself, so I cannot afford to lose eternity because I want to please anybody or want the whole world to see me as a good pastor.

“There is nothing that I can see despite the fact that I have cars, houses and lots of things. I don’t know any fake prophet but the truth of the matter is that anything that has original will surely have fake, it happened in the time of our Lord Jesus Christ while some people believed and some didn’t believe him but all I know is that you serve God and make sure you serve the living God.

On reasons for the Christmas party, he said, “Children are the heritage of God. I believe all fingers are not equal; a lot of parents cannot afford to make their children happy but when we organise a party like this for them, as they are rejoicing now, God in heaven is rejoicing with them.

“We make sure that nobody celebrates Christmas and the New Year in sorrow; that is the purpose.

“This is an annual event; every December 29, we celebrate our young ones at Orioke Alaseyori. We have been doing it for the past 14years. I received the vision to come to this village in 2006 and since then I have been making my community happy. We also make provision for widows and the less privileged.”

Wife of the prophet, Pastor Mrs Oredolapo Awosika Kasali, said, “I’m reaching out to Federal Government and state government to make provision for Nigerian children. It is not enough to make provision for school or make free education available as well, there is a lot of work we need to do concerning the Nigerian child to check their abuse and trafficking.

“For me as a woman and a mother, I think it is important to get children to celebrate, have fun in an environment where values, morals, ethics are paramount as well. I want both federal and state government to encourage us to do more in educating the young ones and lead them in a right way because when you train a child, you train a nation and you are teaching the child to value himself.”