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A Faith Afrik Merry Christmas to All Our Valued Readers

A Faith Afrik Merry Christmas to All Our Valued Readers

Another year is almost rolling out, giving way to yet another brand new year, year 2021. The year 2020 has no doubt been a very turbulent, tempestuous and challenging year for Nigerians. The corona virus pandemic also known as COVID-19 brought the country to a stand still as the whole nation experienced the lock down from March to June.

Another event that shook the country took place on 20th October 2020, in what has been termed ‘Bloody Tuesday,’ this unfortunate incident unfolded as innocent, unarmed #ENDSARS protesters who sat at the Lekki Toll Gate while waving the Nigerian Flag and singing the National Anthem, were sprayed with bullets by the Nigerian Army, simply for protesting against SARS and Police brutality.

This fatal act by the Nigerian army recorded a lot of casualties, while other protesters are still missing. Other states also recorded casualties due to the #ENDSARS protests across the nation.

But through the highs and lows, you, our faithful and loyal readers both within Nigeria and beyond the shores of the Nation, have remained steadfast in inspiring us to serve you better. Thus Faith Afrik family is saying a huge ‘thank you’ to you all, for making this year so great, and worth while. We are wishing you all and your families a very Merry Christmas and a fruitful holiday season.

Thank you all for being a very wonderful family, we appreciate you. Rendering our services to you, has been an amazing venture.

If we are to count our blessings, we will indeed count followers like you, because without you, there wouldn’t be Faith Afrik. We therefore express our profound gratitude for your patronage. Once again, a very MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL and God speed in all your efforts.