Christian Parents Continue to Shield Their Children From “Trans Agenda” as Disney Junior ‘Muppet Babies’ TV Show Features Cross-Dressing Gonzo

Disney Junior has been accused of “pushing the trans agenda” after an episode of its popular children’s TV show, “Muppet Babies,” showed Gonzo wearing a dress to a ball.

Muppet Babies | Photo Image: YouTube

The episode titled “Gonzo-rella/Summer’s Car Trouble” sees the beloved character struggling to decide what to wear to the royal ball. 

He wants to go dressed as a princess but his friends say he should dress like a knight because boys are “not supposed to wear a dress”. 

But with a wave of his wand, his “Fairy Ratfather” makes his dream come true, transforming Gonzo into a princess complete with gown and glass slippers. 

When he arrives at the ball, he tells his friends he is “Gonzorella” but his appearance is so altered that they do not realize it’s Gonzo. 

“Gonzorella” has to flee the ball before “cake-o-clock” when the magic spell is reversed, leaving behind only a glass slipper. 

Later, when they tell him what a great ball he missed and how this “mysterious new princess” ran away leaving behind a glass slipper, he confesses that it was him all along. 

When Miss Piggy asks why he didn’t say who he really was, Gonzo answers, “Because you all expected me to look a certain way.”

“I don’t want you to be upset with me,” he added.

Miss Piggy then apologizes and says “it wasn’t very nice of us to tell you what to wear to our ball.”

Another character called Summer chimes in saying, “you’re our friend, and we love you any way you are.”

Conservative commentator Candace Owens accused Disney of “pushing the trans agenda on children.”

“This is sick and PERVERTED,” she tweeted.

“Everyone should be disturbed by predatory cartoons meant to usher children into gender dysphoria.”

Nick Williams, defensive end for the Detroit Lions, agreed, posting, “Let kids be kids. It’s muppet babies for crying out loud! Be aware of what shows your kids are watching because these networks are trying to indoctrinate and pervert little children’s minds.”

As the ‘war’ on preservation of morals and values continue to rage, Christian parents have refuse to give up hope, stating that the more perversion and evil threaten the sanctity of America the more they wage war against this persisting darkness.