Christians Who Voted for Biden Regret, Feel Betrayed, Say Joe Biden is so Radically Pro-Abortion He’s Already Less Moral Than President Donald Trump

Some Christians who voted for President Joe Biden, believing him to be the more moral candidate, are having second thoughts.

Last month, leaders of Evangelicals for Biden expressed their frustration at Biden’s betrayal when he supported taxpayer funding for abortions. Now, others are voicing similar complaints.

“I’m beginning to feel I was duped,” wrote Sheila Joiner in an op-ed at the Wall Street Journal.  A conservative, pro-life Christian from Texas, Joiner said she voted for Biden because of his immigration policies.

While Joiner’s complaints largely centered around Biden’s immigration decisions, The Federalist writer Mary Vought said the president’s radical pro-abortion policies also have angered many Christians.

“On top of the betrayal many pro-Biden evangelicals feel over the refugee fiasco, the White House’s egregious actions on human life and religious liberty add insult to injury for all those of Christian faith,” Vought wrote.

She pointed out how Biden has been reversing many of President Donald Trump’s policies to protect unborn babies and religious freedom.

These include reversing Trump’s ban on taxpayer-funded research that uses aborted baby body partsrestoring taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood and other abortion groups through Title Xending FDA safety regulations on abortion drugs, and signing a COVID relief package with no limits on taxpayer funding for abortions. And that is only the beginning.

Democrat leaders, backed by the billion-dollar abortion industry, want to completely end the Hyde Amendment and force taxpayers to fund elective abortions in Medicaid and other federal programs. Biden recently reversed his long-standing opposition to taxpayer-funded abortions and promised to support his party’s radical new platform.

The Hyde Amendment has saved about 2.4 million babies from abortion, according to the Charlotte Lozier Institute. And polls consistently show that most Americans support it.

“Finally, Biden’s HHS, led by a man who supported shutting down churches during the coronavirus pandemic, will likely withdraw the conscience protections the Trump administration finalized in 2019, and which [HHS Secretary Xavier] Becerra and other leftists challenged from the outset,” Vought predicted.

The protections that Trump put in place ensure that charities like the Little Sisters of the Poor are not forced to fund contraception that may cause abortions through Obamacare.

Conscience protections for pro-life doctors and nurses also are at risk because of the Equality Act, which Biden named as priority legislation. Recently, White House press secretary Jen Psaki dodged a question about it, refusing to say if Biden supports conscience protections that ensure doctors and nurses are not forced to help abort unborn babies.

“These moves, and unfortunately, many others yet to come, show the radical nature of the Biden presidency and its threat to individuals of faith, no matter their particular creed or denomination. Evangelicals like Joiner taken in by the avuncular Biden’s demeanor last year should not allow themselves to be fooled again,” Vought wrote.

Biden claims to be a devout Catholic who attends Mass regularly, but his actions demonstrate that his moral beliefs take second place to politics and power. Many Christians who voted Biden into power have openly expressed their disappointment at his style of administration, saying they feel betrayed by Biden’s betrayal.