Each of Lil Nas X’s Satan Shoes by Nike Will Contain One Drop of Human Blood, Limited to Only 666 Pairs

To some, this may sound or read like a joke, but it’s not!

Lil Nas X, the sensational pop star who recently came out as gay is fully leaning into his new hellish aesthetic — teaming up with an idea org to release “Satan Shoes” … this on the heels of his polarizing music video on the same subject.

The rapper/pop star is putting out a limited release of Nike sneakers that are all about the Prince of Darkness (satan) and his kingdom … right down to the box artwork and even the shoe design itself, which features a pentagram emblem sitting on the laces, an inverted (upside down) cross on the shoe tongue, etc. The shoe body is a Nike Air Max ’97, which MSCHF — the company behind this campaign — has reinvented with Nas X’s new ‘Montero’ song and video in mind. It’s got a bible scripture emblazoned on the side, Luke 10:18, referencing Satan’s banishment from heaven.

Luke 10:18 (KJV) reads: And he said unto them, i beheld satan as lightening fall from heaven

There’s also a 666 reference toward the back of the shoe … with another number in front of it, in other words 6/666 alluding to which limited unit it is. Word is, MSCHF (the idea owners) and Nike (the manufacturers) are only putting out 666 of these puppies to the public … so if you have 6/666, that seems to mean you got the 6th model.

666 is first referenced in the book of Revelation 13:18 as the “mark of the Beast.” The Beast is another name for satan who will be represented here on earth by the Anti Christ, whom many believe is already with us on earth. In Revelation 13:16-17, the bible notes that this Beast (the antichrist) will compel all of humanity to receive his mark (666) in their foreheads/right hands or forfeit their rights to buy and sell.

And here’s what’s very interesting about all these… apparently, these shoes will contain one drop of human blood somewhere along the soles. And this is not some metaphorical blood, sweat and tears of the factory workers who will presumably put these together, no! … Like, actual plasma-filled red stuff. Human blood! And a pay is expected to cost $1,018

This comes after the release of the new video by the gay hip-hop artist, which shows him being seduced by Satan in the form of a serpent going down on him. Then Lil Nas X slides down a stripper poll to Hell to give Lucifer a lap dance, and to position himself to be sodomized by the Devil in other words indulge in gay sex with the devil.

Recently, the church of satan gave an express approval and thumbs up to Lil Nas X’s creation.

Rolling Stone Magazine says that a leader of the Church of Satan, David Harris, thinks the video is awesome:

Indeed, the ending of the video, in which Lil Nas X snaps Satan’s neck and puts the horns on his own head to crown himself as a god, is what struck Harris as “the most Satanic part of the video.” “We view ourselves as the most powerful beings in the world. The fact that he crowned himself as Satan — now, that’s Satanic,” he says, noting it’s especially empowering in the context of Lil Nas X making a statement about his own journey as a black gay artist who has faced bigotry.

As for the infamous intratheistic lap dance, far from being sacareligious [sic], Satanists believe in all forms of consensual sexuality, so “someone giving a lap dance to anyone who wants one is obviously more than welcome within the confines of Satanism,” he says.

So there you have it: Lil Nas X has the Church of Satan’s stamp of approval. As one Lil Nas X fan summed up on Twitter, in response to tongue-clucking over the androgyny and lurid sexuality of the video: “Either you getting piped by satan himself or u ain’t livin right.”

Either you are being sodomized by the Devil or you ain’t livin’ right. This is pop culture today, and Nike’s all over it, selling shoes that openly glorify the ultimate incarnation of evil.

According to a twitter post by @saint “satan shoes” will cost a whooping

For the records, Lil Nas X’s audience is unquestionably children. Back in January, he told NPR:

So basically, his lap dance and simulated gay sex with satan, his outrageously queer behavior now crowned with the launching of his “satan shoes” are all okay for his juvenile fan base? Who will save the children?

If anyone has ever been in doubt as to satan’s desperation to quickly overrun the earth and rule it openly with an iron fist through the antichrist, well, here’s one more proof to ponder over.