Nigeria: Schools Forced to Close as Violent Attacks and Kidnappings Continue in Predominantly Christian Southern Kaduna State

An alarming rise in kidnappings has forced 13 schools, mostly Christian institutions, in Kaduna, Nigeria to close down in an effort to slow the rate of abductions.

The Kaduna State Schools Quality Assurance Authority ordered the shutdown after a little over 140 students were abducted last Monday by armed bandits at Bethel Baptist High School in Damishi, according to the human rights organization CSW.

The organization’s director said the decision to close the schools was made during a “meeting with the National Association of proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS) and some key stakeholders.”

A group of gunmen stormed the school in Damishi town, shooting sporadically as they kidnapped dozens of students, police said.

A visibly traumatized lawmaker from Kaduna state berated both the State and federal government for doing so little to “protect the people in my constituency.”

At a press conference, in a viral video, the lawmaker insisted that the lackadaisical attitude of government to the plight of his mostly Christian Southern Kaduna indigenous people smacks of a premeditated conspiracy of genocide against his people.

He pointed out that a serious government would do more, lamenting that the recent kidnapping of a little over 140 students happened only 10 mins away from a Nigerian military barracks and he wondered how such massive operation could take place and the kids walked into the bush on foot yet there was no intel, no response from the Nigerian military or air force.

The latest abduction was the fourth abduction of students in Kaduna State in the past six months. There have been numerous mass kidnappings of students in Nigeria so far this year.

Kaduna Lawmaker Laments Incessant Kidnapping of Students from His Predominantly Christian Constituency