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Pastor Tony Rapu Shares New Photos of Former Drug Addict Read more

Pastor Tony Rapu Shares New Photos of Former Drug Addict Read more

Pastor Tony Rapu is a phenomenal pastor, teacher, film maker, medical doctor, life coach, social reformer, Senior Pastor of The House of Freedom situated in Lagos state, Nigeria, as well as Head of a group of ministries comprising This Present House, God Bless Nigeria and The Waterbrook. He believes in humanity and displays this conviction through practical works.

Such was the case when he rescued a drug addict identified as Lizzy a few months back. Recently, new photos of the former drug addict rescued by Pastor Tony Rapu have surfaced online. The young lady has completely transformed into a healthy and vibrant woman.

Lizzy became an internet sensation after a video of her being rescued off the streets of Lagos by Rapu went viral. This is a true depiction of the expression that it is never too late to rewrite one’s story for as long as there is life, there is hope.

The beautiful transformation journey of former drug addict, Lizzy, continues to marvel people. Her story touched the hearts of several Nigerians a few months back after it was reported that she was hooked on hard substances.

Well, new photos shared through Pastor Tony Rapu’s Instagram page shows Lizzy has taken on a complete and an amazing transformation and judging from the photos, the happiness radiating from her face shows a woman whose past no longer has a hold on her.

Photo Credit: The Genius Media

Rapu had sometime ago on Father’s Day, shared the first transformation photos of Lizzy after she was rescued and put in a rehabilitation program. In the photos shared by the pastor on his Instagram page, Lizzy looked healthier and a far cry from how she was a few months prior to her rescue. The pastor in his lengthy caption explained that he was dedicating the 2019 Father’s Day celebration to 26-year-old Lizzy for being his spiritual daughter.

Lizzy continues to enjoy her new found freedom and hope, especially her spiritual journey with the Lord. Pastor Rapu’s empathy has earned him nods and applauds from Nigerians both at home and in diaspora. He plans to continue his mission of rescuing victims of circumstances and pointing them to the Light, that is Jesus Christ.